Saturday, August 2, 2014

Our 5th Grade Plans ~ 2014-2015 School Year

Noodle will be officially promoted to 5th grade at the end of August. Like every summer, I have been working on our plans for the upcoming year while we are wrapping up the current year. Each year that goes by I become less and less rigid. I have such an overwhelming amount of materials, I have just decided that rather than try to fit them in to time frames and school years, I am just going to make plans for it all and we will work our way through them whether it takes 1 month, 1 year or 3 years. I just don't care anymore if something takes longer to do. I'd rather take longer to finish and really enjoy the learning, than to try and cram something in to a time box and not get anything out of it.  I have been a fan of the classical learning cycle for quite some time and I still will loosely follow those suggestions, but I am not going to kill us or stress us out trying to follow the perfect learning schedule.

I will of course adjust accordingly for level of ability and my expectations for the level Noodle can work at.  I am no longer going to worry about doing something that doesn't have the correct label or grade level on it. If we are doing 4th grade grammar in 5th grade or 7th grade math in 6th grade - it just doesn't matter to me right now.  I just want Noodle to learn and have fun and I don't want to stress about what does or doesn't get done. In due time, it will all get done and in the end he will have a good education and it won't matter a flying flea at what age or grade he accomplished it all.

Please keep in mind that the list below is not anything we try to do all the time everyday. Of course the basics are done daily, but this list is including all the other things we like to do either regularly or sporadically.  I didn't leave anything out because I want to give an idea of how to mix things up, keep things interesting for new homeschoolers who might have a hard time picturing doing school outside the box.


Bible- We have several resources for Bible. Without exception, every day a chapter from the Bible gets read as well as a daily devotional.  After that, it could be any of the following: Proverbs Drawing, Kay Arthur lesson, weekly memory verses and verse copy work here and there. Also, from Audible we listen to a dramatization of the Bible sometimes during breakfast or lunch time. Additionally, we sometimes watch DVD's - Bible dramatizations, history channel shows about religion etc.

Math- We are continuing with our eclectic mix of math lessons.  Daily Noodle completes a drill, mental math, and a lesson.  Sometimes I give him misc/extra math practice worksheets or we play a game. Noodle also has a savings account that he maintains and has to keep track of. At co-op, Noodle will be doing Mental Math & Logic.

Grammar- We will continue with Rod and Staff lessons and First Language Lessons.

Vocabulary- Our main resource is Vocabulary from Classical Roots. Noodle will also be doing vocabulary work for history and science as well and completing vocab notebook pages here and there. I have a couple of workbooks about analogies that he will be working through as well.

Writing- Our main resource for writing assignments will be TOG's Writing Aids, but we are also going to use some Evan Moor workbooks. Also, this year Noodle will be keeping a writing journal.

Current Events- Once or twice a week Noodle will "report" on a current news story. He will keep a current events notebook where he will glue/tape printed news stories, write his thoughts about them, include photos etc.  Once in a while he will pretend to be a reporter and I will video record his "news cast." He will also continue to read God's World News, which he has a subscription to.

Reading/Literature- We will be ramping up the reading this year! We have always done a lot of reading, but this year Noodle will do more on his own.  Books on CD and Audible will be a regular resource this year. We are going to do a lot of short story reading from old textbooks that I have.  We will also do some literature units that will include writing, vocabulary, comprehension and watching the corresponding movies.

Latin- We will continue with our Latin Course from Memoria Press.

History- We will of course continue with Tapestry of Grace. This year is Year 1 Ancients. We will also continue with Veritas Press Self Paced Online History Creation-Rome to go along with our TOG studies. I purchase Mystery of History and Story of the World - both Vol 1 to have additional reading to do.

Geography- Continuing with TOG Geography as well as Road Trip USA and learning about landforms.

Science- We will be doing Apologia Chemistry and Physics with our friends once or twice a week, but on the other days we will be working and rotating our way through the Apologia Elementary Human Anatomy, Botany, Zoo 2 and Zoo 3. We have already completed Astronomy and Zoo 1. We will also be doing various assignments and lessons from other science resources I already own.  Lastly, Noodle will be doing science labs at co-op.

Health- We will continue Abeka Health.

Fine Arts- Noodle will continue doing art with Artistic Pursuits, various art lessons on YouTube and misc opportunities.  For Music we will hopefully be studying the composers on a more consistent basis and utilizing products from Maestro Classics to get familiar with classical music. If time allows I may also start a unit with him to learn about the orchestra.

~Extras ~
Legos- I will be teaching LEGOS at co-op again, but also Noodle will be building structures to go with some of our science and history topics.

Memory Work- We will continue with our memory work and once a week Noodle will take a memory work class at co-op.

P.E.- Daily exercise, co-op class and learning, watching and playing sports.

Cooking and Baking- I will be having a lone post about this sometime in the fall, but basically Noodle is going to become self sufficient in the kitchen.

Co-op this year: On Wednesdays Noodle will be attending a "one day school" that was designed for homeschoolers.  Fridays is our regular co-op day.

Lap books- Across the curriculum. I have dozens of lapbooks from Hands of a Child and we are going to plug them in to various subjects whenever there is time.


Tearri Rivers said...

NIce resources you guys will be using. I can't wait to see the chemistry studies in action. Thank you for sharing!

Tiffany said...

Wishing you a wonderful year. My boys will be attending a one day school as well on Tuesday and them our regular co-op on Friday.

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