Friday, February 28, 2014

The Good Week ~ Week 25 ~ 2013-214

This week was a good week.  School was done every day by 2:00, except for one day and that was because I had errands, not because of a lack of cooperation.  Two weeks in a row of relatively no blow outs!!  Noodle and I are both still working on talking respectfully and nicely.  I am very proud of our progress and am thanking God for blessing our efforts.

It is amazing what we have done and not done!  We still aren't getting to everything, but I am realizing that is going to have to be fixed with scheduling. I am working on it. I am still working on getting as many lesson plans as possible in to the Homeschool Tracker, then scheduling things on a regular pattern will be much easier.


Noodle is still reading a chapter a day of Matthew and his daily devotional.  As he masters memorizing verses, he is now recording them in a notebook.


This week's new concepts were mixed numbers and identifying greater than/less than fractions. Noodle also had a quiz and he scored 100% - yay! Also, he continued learning about fractions with an item we are reviewing.


Finally, completed a lesson on time. Monday was the Pre-test, Tuesday Part A, Wednesday Part B, Thursday Part C and Friday the test - he scored 100% - yay!!  This week's words were -el, -le, -il, -al, and -ol endings.


We continued with learning how to outline.  For TOG Writing Aids Noodle is learning to summarize.


Cursive has been very slow going.  I have decided to have him do daily practice.  He is still learning to form the letters.  I delayed teaching him cursive due to his delayed motor skills, but now we will be picking up the pace. We use A Reason For Handwriting, but I am seeking out free worksheets online because he needs more practice tracing before continuing with free-handing it.


Noodle completed a few lessons from Rod & Staff English and FLL.  This week was more diagramming, this time including direct objects, predicate adjectives and predicate nominatives.  He loves diagramming - his big brothers despised it! This has been a fun experience with him.


I purchased Vocabulary from Classical Roots 4 couple of weeks ago.  We completed Lesson one this week, which focused on the roots sens and grad


We started reading Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry, about a black family in the south during the 1930's.  Excellent so far!


TOG this week is covering the 1930's/Great Depression.  Noodle is reading a Kindle book called History For Kids: The Illustrated Life of Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  We also read Children of the Great Depression, which was really informative and had great pictures to bring alive the harsh times.

This week Noodle completed NB pages for Coolidge, Hoover and Harding.  He read about all of them and we discussed what happened in their Presidential Administration. We will continue learning about FDR next week. 

Additionally, Noodle added to his 20th Century Invention Timeline.  He started reading a book about Walt Disney as well.


Noodle read about the Dust Bowl in the book Dust for Dinner, and then he marked where it happened on the map.

Also, he watched a few more segments of The States - New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.  He completed the state coloring sheets and marked the capitals as well.


Another lesson done! At the start of a lesson Noodle watches the DVD instruction and then each day completes another section in the workbook. Also, I quiz him on vocabulary with the flashcards.


This week's lessons focused on water safety rules and we reviewed dental health.  I had planned on doing a Dental Health lapbook, but I never put it on the to do list. I think next week's health lessons will be the lapbook and then the following week we will pick up the regular curriculum again.


This week's lessons were about Cave Art and Buried Art.  Noodle did his version of a cave drawing and some buried pottery.

I am linked up this week with Homegrown Learners and Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


Jen Dunlap said...

Wow! You get through a lot of work - way to go!! We are just starting to add Writing Aids to our week and I really like how the writing corresponds to what we are reading. TOG has been a good fit for us. Yay for a good week :)

Christy said...

I'm glad it was another good week. You really do make it through quite a bit of work. I use Homeschool Tracker too and I'd be lost without it. It still really isn't quite what I want, but I'm too entrenched with it to bother trying to find something else.

Tonia L said...

Looks like a very successful week! I love it when things go well and we can finish in a good amount of time.

We used Prima Latina last year and really enjoyed it. Latina Christiana has been a great follow-up.

Angelic Scalliwags said...

What a great week! I can't believe how much writing your son does! Mine would curl up and die if I had him do half that amount!!

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