Monday, February 3, 2014

Plugging Away ~ Week 21 ~ 2013-2014

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~What We Are Reading~

The week was kind of crazy and went by really fast.  We made a trip to the library and co-op started back this week.  We only did the basics every day and hit history only twice. Sigh. 

The week started on a fun note with Noodle's second basketball game and the 2014 Pine Car Derby! For the 4th year in a row Noodle received the award for Best Paint Job!


Noodle finished Proverbs and has started Matthew.  He also reads his daily devotional called The One Year Devotions for Boys 2 (One Year Book of Devotions for Boys). Since it has been so cold he enjoys a mug of hot chocolate while reading.  His current memory verse is Romans 10:9


On the math drills Noodle gets all the problems right except for the occasional missed one or two.  I love the drills and how looking back shows that he has really learned his math facts through 11.  He doesn't have all the 12's down yet.  I am considering taking it further all the way to 20.  I believe that is what Leigh Bortins suggests in The Core: Teaching Your Child the Foundations of Classical Education .  The Core is one of my favorite "how to" homeschool books.

He took a test this week that covered averaging and long division.   He made several silly mistakes and ended up with a C.  However, he always does corrections to make sure he gets them all right, but I don't change his grade.


We are still reading The Wind in the Willows - each chapter is so long and nearly every day I get a coughing fit so I can only manage one chapter.  This weekend I plan on finishing even if we read a chapter, go do something and come back and read another. 

He also continues to "free read" on his own every day. He has really enjoyed reading about Babe Ruth.


His pretest this week was awful.  He missed all but four.  Hopefully, by the time he takes the post-test he will have them down.


He completed a lesson, but we never got to starting the next one.


We managed to do health one day this week by starting chapter 4 and doing some comprehension questions.  Also, to find out how oily skin can dirty our pores, we put cooking oil on the bottom of a glass and checked for dust and yucky stuff a couple of days later.

Physical Education aka P.E.

I rarely mention P.E. activities.  We don't do formal P.E.  Noodle takes a class at co-op every Friday and other than that I count all his outdoor play and team sports as P.E.  Currently he is in a basketball league and starting next month he starts baseball. We go on bike rides, he plays at the park and he uses he treadmill at home.  Before the weather got cold, we were going one night a week to meet up with other homeschoolers to "play tennis."  It is in quotes because there was swinging of racquets and balls flying, but it was generally chaos.  I want to learn tennis and I want Noodle to learn tennis, so I ordered Tennis For Dummies from Amazon.    Yes, we are going to attempt to learn the game of tennis with a book and YouTube.  I will let you know how it goes!!

We also met up with friends for science again, but as usual, I am notoriously negligent about writing science posts lately.  Sorry.

I can't believe January is over already!  A month wasted on not following good health habits.  It was a roller coaster.  Maybe with enough prayer I can find inspiration to say on track in February.

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Mary Prather said...

I love reading about your classical weeks at home, Mary. Yes, I think math drill is SO important!

I love the "Babe & Me" book by Dan Gutman... right now Grant and I are reading Shoeless Joe & Me and it's very good, too.

Thanks (as always!) for linking with Collage Friday!

Nicole T said...

Hang in there on your health goals, Mary! You can do it. Congrats to Noodle on the Pinewood Derby. Years and years ago Dawson won Best in Show because he made his to look like a hot dog. Fun times! We treat P.E. the same way you do. Snow play equals P.E. and we will be getting a lot of that in the next few days because we are currently getting 4-6 inches!

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