Friday, February 14, 2014

Feeling Behind ~ Weeks 22 and 23 ~ 2013-2014

~What We Are Reading~
Me: Yellowstone Dawn by Peggy Henderson
Bear: Brave New World by Huxley
Noodle: Variety of Star Wars and Baseball books

Noodle is becoming the kind of reader his mama is, that is the kind that has more than one book going at a time.  It warms my reader's heart!

I hate to sound like I sound every week, but again, these two weeks flew by! Holy moly - life really is fast.  We had to be out of the house several times and it just really kills the flow of getting work done. Plus, we had snow. In Texas.  Whenever that happens I lose the kids to the alluring white stuff in the yard.  I have snowballs in my freezer, which are now most definitely ice balls. That said, we did the basics and a lot of reading happened, but I feel unaccomplished. I know the reality is that we aren't really "behind" we just aren't where I want to be. 

Our snowpacalypse.

What we did do:

History (2 days)

What I wanted to do but didn't:

More History
More Writing
We have been really good about getting to Art most weeks, but we are still on Monet.  

Monet coloring sheet using chalk pastels.


Noodle is reading through Matthew, a chapter a day.  Plus he reads his daily devotional.  I have some Bible curriculum from Classical Academic Press that I think we will attempt to get back to over the summer.  For now, what we are doing is working.


Math is getting trickier!  Division now has a double digit divisor and Noodle has also started writing remainders as fractions. Speaking of fractions, he is also working with a review product that is pretty awesome so far.  Review for that coming in March!


After we finished Wind in the Willows, we watched the movie from Netflix. There were several to choose from.

Watched the movie.

We have been discussing paragraphs since Noodle has been struggling a little with the structure.  I am using an Evan-Moor book about paragraphs.  We will get back to TOG Writing Aids next week.


We have been learning about the 1920's and all the exciting things that happened in that decade. 


We have continued with Apologia Zoology 1.  Currently we are learning about Insects.  Ewwwwww for me, but right up Noodle's alley. 

Also, we went to see the Lego Movie, which I thought was pretty cute and clever.  When we got home Noodle built the double decker couch.  Haha!

Our homeschool group also had a Valentine Party. Noodle made his valentine box out of Legos, of course.  He used mini figure legs to act as hinges so the lid would lift up. 

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Christy said...

We loved the lego movie too. His couch is pretty good and that was a great idea for the valentine's box. I hope you are able to feel more productive next week.

Lucinda @ said...

Ooh lots of things you've mentioned I want to put on our list. I can't believe we still haven't read The Wind in the Willows, must do so before the kids get too much older! I love the look of the 1920's book too. And I didn't even know about the Lego Movie until I started reading blogs today... oops a bit out of touch. Better look out for it over here in England soon, although I'm sure my son will remind me. The lego double decker sofa is very cute!

Karen said...

Your snow pictures look like the snow we get most of the time. We were lucky this past week. Love all the things you and your kiddos are up to. The weeks when we have to be out of the house I feel the same way! Even though they are always learning. :)

Lisa @ Our Country Road said...

The lego box is awesome!! I can't wait to show my son.

Angelic Scalliwags said...

Lego just rocks doesn't it? My son and my husband love it. You never grow out of lego!

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