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A Breakthrough Week ~ Week 24 ~ 2013-2014

~What We Are Reading~
Me: Lone Survivor
Bear: Brave New World
Noodle: Various Star Wars books

Hubby and I celebrated Valentine's Day the day after, on the 15th. We went out to dinner another couple, and then to the movies. We saw, The Monuments Men. It was fabulous! If you haven't seen it then I say go see it and bring your teenager.  I knew that Hitler had stolen countless art pieces, but I didn't really know the story.  Once it becomes available on Netflix it is going on my list of educational movies. 

This week felt better for me, even though we were still super busy.  I decided to stop complicating things and went back to using Homeschool Tracker for lesson plans.  I admit, I struggle with paper. I love to write plans out on paper, but I can't seem to make it work.  So, I spent several days getting my records caught up, cleaning up lesson plans I already had in HST and added some more. So now I can print Noodle his daily assignment list instead of just a checklist. Having a non-specific checklist doesn't work for Noodle's personality. He likes to know exactly what he needs to do so that he has an end in sight.  I discover new things about HST every time I do an update and every time I start tinkering with it again.  I love this software, so don't know why I keep walking away from it.  Here is what Noodle's assignment list/daily task list looks like:

We are having a real problem with Noodle speaking disrespectfully to us.  He regularly raises his voice, talks snotty and interrupts us when we are speaking.  Unfortunately, we didn't end the behavior soon enough so now Noodle is pretty much on lockdown and will not get privileges until there is a true, genuine shift in attitude and behavior. While on lockdown/boot camp, he does not get to play out front/in the neighborhood, can't visit grandma's house, no tv, no electronics of any kind, no attendance at co-op or park day. In print it seems harsh, but the reality is that nothing is going to change without serious focus on the issues and all those things will provide incentive for him to focus and THINK about his actions.  So far, so good.  We both seemed to have some genuine breakthroughs this week.

Coming back to using HST and printing this daily list of actual assignments, helped our days flow.  After having a HORRENDOUS Monday - horrendous because a certain student was very uncooperative and ill-behaved - Tuesday-Friday went like a dream. He was done with ALL his assignments before 2:00 each day. It wasn't just the list, it was the fact that his social life was effectively cancelled and he finally got the message that we mean business.  I am praying for real heart change and that the progress continues. This has been the best week of homeschooling, in, I don't know how many years.


Noodle is reading through Matthew and also reads a daily devotional.  He has had some really good questions lately, and what he is reading is causing him to think about things he hasn't thought about before. I love that the Word never returns void.


This week he continued with division and fractions.  He took a test and got an 85.  As always, he made his corrections and saw where he went wrong.  He has been getting 100's on his daily assignments. Yay! Each day he completed a drill, mental math, a lesson and he watched a fraction lesson using a product we are reviewing right now.


Spelling has been hit or miss for about the last month.  The last two weeks he has barely completed a lesson. Now he is back on track. Because of the lack of consistency, he bombed the test this week.


Noodle completed four Rod and Staff English lessons and four lessons from First Language Lessons.  He's learning about predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives, linking verbs and he has been reviewing plurals, pronouns, and proper nouns. 


One thing we have NOT done this week is start  new novel.  We were supposed to start How To Eat Fried Worms, but it wasn't on my shelf like I thought it was and we haven't been to the library.  It has occurred to me that next week, adding in our literature read aloud may extend the school day that has been ending by 2:00 every day this week.  :/   I may make read aloud time our bedtime reading and then just do literature related assignments during the school day.  Hmm....something to think about.


This week the Writing Aids assignment was to read an article about a favorite animal, highlight important points and then do an outline.


None this week!


We completed TOG Week 10 of Year 4.  Next week's plan is to do Week 11, and then the following week I am planning to cram Week 12 and 13 in one week. We are way behind where I wanted to be with history, but I am trying to keep in mind we have until mid-August to finish.

This week we finished reading all about the twenties, and the start of the Great Depression.  We also learned a little about Hoover and FDR.  Vocabulary covered words like dividend, stock exchange, shareholders and Bull Market. 

One of the famous people this week was Walt Disney, so we read a little about him and watched some vintage Mickey Mouse!  We also learned about Alexander Fleming, the scientist who discovered penicillin.

Noodle watched Steamboat Willie clips.

Alexander Fleming clip on YouTube.


Holy surprise, we did geography every day.  I finally picked back up the Road Trip USA for Noodle to continue.  He did some "catch up" by completing some mini books and then we learned about New Jersey and New York.   Several years ago I purchased "The States" on sale from the History Channel.  It is the best DVD set ever! There are15 minute (or so) profiles on each of the states and I love incorporating them in to our geography studies. Also, we reviewed all the states and capitals this week. He still knows them all, so that was good.


For the first time ever we did Latin every day! We are still using Prima Latina and I can't imagine using it without the Instructional DVD or pronunciation CD. I love this Memoria Press program.


Artistic Pursuits is a great art curriculum. Noodle is about halfway through the book we are currently using.  I am looking forward to getting to the next book.   This week he learned about mixing colors using water color crayons.


This week we began studies of the teeth and are going to be putting together a lapbook about Teeth. The reader we have about teeth is way below his reading level, but has some good information, so we are including it in our study about teeth.

I am looking forward to next week and praying it is just as productive and peaceful as this week was.  Until next time!

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Lynda S said...

Holy moly it is hard to keep up with you and noodle. We have had a busy week and I'm finally posting about it tomorrow. I just wanted to visit and thank you for sharing your homeschool adventures. I do not feel as alone because our boys seem to be so similar.

I keep going back and forth with Homeschool Tracker too. When will we learn? :)

(I'm commenting on this post about last weeks and the week before. My time does fly. lol)

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