Friday, January 24, 2014

The New Answers 4 Book by Ken Ham ~ Review

New Leaf Press released The New Answers 4 Book by Ken Ham.  For the purpose of this review I received a free Kindle copy.

I have never read the first three books, so I have nothing to compare to.  I really enjoyed this book and this topic is near and dear to my heart.  I personally do not believe the creation/evolution question is a salvation question, unless the belief causes one to stop believing in God. I know there are many who take the side of evolution yet say they believe in the God of the Bible and that Jesus is their savior. I don't mention my middle son very often any more, in regards to this topic, mainly because I just keep praying and keep my mouth shut. I pray that God puts other people in his path that can help him return to God and I just have to trust God on this. I don't know all the answers (even with this handy book!) and I am "too close" to the situation to have a positive effect on my son.  He respects me, what I believe and he trusts me for all kinds of advice about life, but there is a wall when it comes to God and Jesus. The biggest reason he turned from God, according to him, is science and the theory of Evolution. He is firmly convinced it has to be true because of all the "evidence" - his heart is hardened.

I don't know if a book like the one in this series would have helped early on.  I believe it can be a powerful tool in helping Christians defend their faith. 

I don't want to be complacent or blissfully ignorant about what Noodle believes or is exposed to. I want to equip him with the tools he needs to 1) make a decision for Christ, 2) be able to defend what he believes and 3) have a passion for God's creation.  For those reasons I will be buying the first three books of this series.

When Noodle asks me questions, the reply, "Because God said so." or "Because that is what the Bible says." are not the right answers.  The New Answers 4 Book cuts to the chase and answers questions directly, confidently and as a matter of fact.  I for one appreciate the boldness, confidence and directness of Ken Ham.  I know his name is divisive, even among Christians and I find that sad. 

The New Answers Book 4 covers everything from "Does the Gospel Depend on a Young Earth?" to Dragons, to Cavemen, Charles Darwin, Transitional Fossils, Environmentalism, GMO's and so much more!

The New Answers 4 Book retails for $14.99 and it is worth every penny. I can't wait to order and read Books 1 to 3.

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Lynda S said...

We have books 1-3. Can't wait to get this and read it.

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