Friday, January 24, 2014

New Beginnings ~ Week 20 ~ 2013-2014

~What We are Reading~
Me: Not Afraid of Life- My Journey So Far by Bristol Palin and
A Biblical Home Education by Ruth Beechick
Bear: East of Eden by John Steinbeck and The History of the Ancient World by Susan Wise Bauer
Noodle: Babe and Me (a baseball story)
Read Aloud: The Wind in the Willows

I titled this weekly wrap up post New Beginnings because it was our first week trying things a little differently.  We still did 4 lessons of FLL and 4 lessons from Rod and Staff English, but we only did it two days this week - 2 lessons from each curriculum. It went smooth and didn't take but a few minutes longer than we normally spent doing those and more.   We spent more time on history, and science this week. Yay! However, we never did health or latin.  We "lost" one day to going to the library and book store with friends, as well as a receiving a visit from my oldest son. 


Nothing has changed here. Noodle still reads a chapter a day from his Bible, a devotional and he works on his memory verses.  It is how he starts the day - with a nice hot mug of hot chocolate.


Last week I made a change to the math lessons. Abeka math lessons are one page front and back and typically works out to 40-50+ problems.  The repetition is good, but overkill. I have begun highlighting the problems I want Noodle to do - of course he does all the problems relating to the new concept, all the word problems (usually 2) and then one each of all the review concepts (one addition, one subtraction, one multiplication etc.)  Any concepts he struggles with he does two or three problems for review. Right now he struggles with converting feet to yards.  It is the only conversion issue he has and I don't know why.  He can do pounds to ounces, tons to pounds, inches to feet but for some reason the feet to yards is eluding him.  He eventually gets it after I ask him several questions and repeat those questions multiple times.  I am praying he breaks through on that soon.

The new concept this week was averaging.  We continue to mental math and practice problems from Saxon on the white board.


Noodle is on Lesson 14. I really like Rod and Staff spelling because it just makes sense.  It teaches the spelling rules and isn't some random list of words like some spelling programs out there.  I don't understand a spelling program not having a logical methodology to teaching spelling. I am very thankful for the no nonsense, common sense approach to spelling that Rod and Staff takes.


Four lessons of FLL and four lessons of Rod and Staff. Noodle writes in the workbook for FLL and we do Rod and Staff lessons verbally.  He loves diagramming sentences.  He told me this week that history, science and ENGLISH are his favorite subjects.  Yay!

Our new read aloud is The Wind in the Willows.  This is my first time reading it.  It is really cute.  It is the TOG literature selection and has a SAP to go with it.  The SAP required finding sentences with more than three commas and finding sentences that use vivid adjectives.  We are reading this book off the Kindle and then highlighting the sentences that need to be copied on to the SAP.  I may have mentioned before that I have a love/hate relationship with technology, but this is one of those love moments.

I love the Kindle because I literally have over 2000 books on my Cloud, but I hate it because I get the feeling I will never have the time to read them all.


TOG Writing Aids oh how I love you! I was so freaked out about getting rid of WWE and CAP:Rhetoric Fable - but it was the best thing I could have done for Noodle. Not that they are not good, they are, they just don't fit him at this time.  I prefer WA and how it goes with our history.  This week, however, the writing assignment was a persuasive paragraph. This was his first time trying to persuade in writing.  He is masterful at it in practice - writing - not so much. I feel like I have been neglectful in the writing department, but then I remembered I dumped the two writing programs we were using.  Noodle wasn't grasping how to write well just by doing copy work and being able to answer questions in complete sentences.  He needs step by step, methodical instruction and he needs to know why things are done in particular ways. 

He is still working on his final draft.  I am hopeful that he will improve dramatically with consistent in instruction and practice.

We have also been  working on beginning outline skills using the Remedia Press Outlining workbook. 

History and Geography

Noodle watched Flyboys from Netflix.  He updated his 20th Century invention timeline.  He read several books including two about Babe Ruth.  I am in the process of catching up and condensing some lessons because we aren't where I want to be in our TOG studies.  We finally wrapped up Unit 1 of Year 4 - we have been simultaneously working on weeks 6-9 for several weeks.  Now I am going to attempt to get through Unit 2 in four weeks instead of eight so we will see how that goes. As long as we finish Year 4 by mid August we are okay, I just don't like pushing it that far.  I am hoping our new system of streamlining LA and Math will allows us to stay current with TOG. 


We continued with Year 4 Harmony Fine Arts - still studying Monet. This week Noodle drew some sunflowers. He watched a tutorial on YouTube and then drew his picture.

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Tonia L said...

Looks like a lovely week with a lot accomplished! My daughter also loves diagramming (First Language Lessons is one of her favorite subjects too!) - it just strikes me funny that kids think grammar is fun (well I think it's pretty neat too!).

Phyllis said...

January seems to be the month for tweaking the curriculum. The outlining workbook looks great. I love the Babe Ruth books and the chalk pastels. What a great week.

Mary Prather said...

Mary, your homeschool is always so inviting and there is SO MUCH learning happening -- wish I could attend!

Thank you for your sweet email this week - I appreciated it more than you know. :-)

Christy said...

Wow you really do accomplish a lot each week. I can't imagine how you keep it all straight with all the various curricula. I'd love to be able to utilize just pieces that work.

I hope the tweaking ends up being just what you need.

Lucinda @ said...

I love the sunflowers art - lovely and bright!
Wind in the Willows is a lovely book. Did you see when The Tiger Chronicle looked at it? Hwee posted some nice pictures of the museum.

Melissa N. said...

One of the many things about homeschooling our kids - changing it up! Love it Mary. I just found out from Mary at Homegrown Learners that my Ipad can be a "reader", I never knew that...LOL..I want to start getting the "books" now! Enjoy your weekend!

Rebecca said...

I love the art study this week! January is always a good month for changing things up :-)

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