Thursday, January 30, 2014

Going to College ~ High School Update ~ 2013-2014

It has been a long time since I have done an update on Bear.  Basically, he doesn't want me writing about him too much. I want to respect his privacy.  It has been long enough that I am permitted to do an update.

So far senior year has been pretty busy for him.  He has been doing a lot of reading and writing.
He has already completed or is in progress of the following subjects:

English 1302 dual enrollment course
Ancient Literature
Driver's Education
Marine Biology
Consumer Math
Ancient History

He took the SAT and the ACT in December and was very relieved to get that out of the way.  As I have mentioned before, he has only once choice for college - his choice has everything he wants in a school.  It isn't in Texas, they have a Zoology department, he can minor in Museum Studies, the school has two museums on campus, they offer credit through the National Outdoor Leadership School, it snows there, they have Russian and study abroad opportunities. It is by all accounts his dream school.

Throughout this process he has had kind of an attitude.  He decided if he didn't get in to the school he wanted that he would go to Plan B and just go work for a living because if he can't do what he really wants to then there is no point.  ????  He is very headstrong. So, he only applied to the one school - University of Wyoming.  He qualified for assured admission and has been accepted.  I am proud of him for going for what he wants.

The next hurdle is paying for it! He has a very small college account. He is applying for scholarships and financial aid. We will see what happens. I pray that he gets enough in grants and scholarships that he won't have to take out too many loans.

On top of his workload and the college preparation - he is working on his Eagle Scout Project. He turns 18 in April so he has cut it awfully close!  He is planting trees and putting in an irrigation system for the church where his troop meets. 

Talking with the mayor (who attends the church) about a part of his Eagle Project.
Literature he has enjoyed so far this year:

Ancient Egyptian Literature
Tales of Ancient Egypt
Cat of Bubastes
Gilgamesh the Hero
Animal Farm
Catcher in the Rye
Of Mice and Men
East of Eden
The Outsiders

He has also read:

Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell
All the Uncle Eric books he hadn't previously read
Several non-fiction science related titles

He is also listening to the Susan Wise Bauer history series on Audible. He is almost finished with The History of the Ancient World.

The rest of his Senior Year should pretty much be smooth sailing.  He has scholarship applications to complete, will wrap up his Eagle Project and then he will be applying for a job so he can earn the money to buy a used car once he gets to Laramie, WY.

I would be lying if I said this wasn't bittersweet. I am so proud of him, but my mama's heart is worried about him being a two days drive away from home.  Also, it gets pretty cold there!

I know the rest of this school year is going to fly by and I want to enjoy these last moments of his childhood because he will soon be a legal adult and living far away.  I am praying I don't become an emotional mess.  When his big brother moved out on his own I cried and cried and he is just 20 minutes away! 


Jacquelin Caffey said...

Congratulations, that is quite the accomplishment! My daughter is a Junior and is in the mist of applying for a summer scholarship to her dream school in Michigan. Yikes, that's a bit far from us by car but only a 45 minute plane ride.
I wish you and Bear the best of luck for the rest of the year and again Congratulations you are close to graduating 2 kids.

Hwee said...

Wow, congratulations! This is indeed a wonderful achievement, especially when it is the only place he wants to go to. :-)

Sherri W. said...

Wow...what a wonderful journey. I so enjoyed reading about it as I am also on the heels of this all important milestone with my high school junior.
Way to go!

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