Friday, May 4, 2012

Weekly Report 5/3 - The Scattered Week

**Biopsy Results are in!  NO malignancy and NO abnormal cells! I am praising God and thankful to all those who prayed that it would just be a cyst!!  I go for a follow up mammogram to recheck it in October. After that I will resume my once a year Mammogram schedule!****

~What We are Reading~
Me: Mockingjay- Reading it again
Bear: Scuba Diving, Frankenstein and Julius Caesar

I decided to read Mockingjay again because I am finding in conversations with people that there are things I don't remember.  Now that I have time to read for fun again I am going for it!  I am also going to pick up my copy of Well Trained Mind again and skim it for information I need, but I usually end up reading whole sections when I do that.

Bear only did a little reading this week with Frankenstein and Julius Caesar. We have them both on the back burner for now and he is focusing the majority of his energy on studying for the AP Biology test which is in NINE days. 

He did pick up a book at the library on Scuba Diving to get a little pre-knowledge before he takes a certification class this coming August or September.  He wants to get PADI certified because he is planning on taking a school/educational trip next summer to Fiji - for a "Shark Studies" program.  It is a lot of money, but he has plans to get a job after our road trip this summer.  He wants to do it really bad so he will be saving every dime.  We will chip in of course and do what we can to make sure he gets to go.  Any FAMILY out there that wants to hire him or contribute to the cause???  Hahaha- seriously he is available!

He has been pondering for the better part of 8 months now just what kind of trip he wanted to do. First he was interested in an exchange program in Russia, but we checked that out and not only is it too much money, it is just too far and too long for my tastes.  Once that idea was nixed we have been researching companies that offer educational trips and finally decided on one.  We have the information we need and will be putting in his application and deposit in October.  The other trip he was considering was a South Africa Wildlife Conservation trip, but the sharks won out.

Basically, all he did this week was Algebra II and AP Biology work.  I ordered him IEW U.S. History Themed Writing Lessons.  It arrived yesterday and he will start it next week.  I will expound more on this in another post.

Noodle listened to all of Ramona The Brave.  He completed math lessons, a few Explode the Code book 5 pages, did reading from Busy Times, had fun with some rhyming words, had several "P.E." sessions on the treadmill and finally finished lesson 1 of Road Trip USA.  It wasn't his best handwriting, but at least he is done.

The big excitement for me this week was starting our new Rod and Staff 3 Spelling.  I know it is for 3rd grade, but we started it anyway.  He didn't do so well on the Pre-Test.

He managed to get 100% on the Post-test! Yay!! So far, so good Rod and Staff Spelling!!

We also started talking about main ideas this week.  He completed this worksheet.  Sometimes he prints so nice, like on the spelling test, and other times....not so much.

I am linking up this week with Mary at Homegrown Learners and Kris at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


Mary Prather said...

Hi Mary ~ Thanks for linking today!

Looks like Rod and Staff spelling is going to work well... yay! I love it when something just clicks.

I have pulled out The Well Trained Mind to read parts of this weekend - funny coincidence that you're doing the same thing. :-)

Enjoy your weekend!

North Laurel said...

Neat about the "shark studies" in Fiji. Wow. That would be a great opportunity. Hope he finds a job and saves lots of money :)

Looks like Noodle has been busy, busy, busy :)

Hope you have a great weekend!
Over from Collage Friday.

My name is Tiffany said...

Good luck bear as he prepares for his AP exam. Hopefully he will make enough for his trip. I know what you mean about handwriting, some days my son's work appears great others more like chicken scratch. Amen about your biopsy results.

Lynda said...

I'm so happy to hear about the biopsy, and the good news. Have a wonderful weekend, Mary!

Nicole said...

So glad to hear that your biopsy results were good! Whew! Now you can get this year finished in "peace".

Discovering Montessori said...

That's great that Bear is ready to work for his opportunities!!I bet he is going to get the most out of this trip especially since he helped to earn it. The Rod and Staff spelling program looks interesting. Looks like you all had a great week. Looking forward to hearing more about your new history lessons. Thank you for sharing.

whateverphilippians48 said...

Yay! Good news about your biopsy results. I love my Well Trained Mind book, I just loaned it to another mom today.

Erika said...

Praise God for good test results!!!

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