Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weekly Report 2/3 - The One With the Overwhelmed Mom

~What We Are Reading~
Me: Sadly, nothing. I am too busy.
Bear: For fun- Harry Potter series
Noodle: The Chocolate Touch on CD

The only thing I have had time to read is school books - mine and the kids.  Bear has been devouring the Harry Potter books.  He read the first three in three days.  This week, he went back to the bookstore and bought the rest of them and since then he finished book 4.  When Harry Potter first came out my oldest was in 4th grade I think.  Back then I was much more legalistic and I banned Harry Potter, along with Pokemon.  Bear never showed an interest in the books, but a few years ago he wanted to see the movies. I don't know whether I am right or wrong or foolish or wise about these books, but I do know I don't have the energy to debate about it anymore, and I am OK with anyone who doesn't do HP.  Unless I see Bear trying to cast spells or start wearing HP Fashion, I am not going to worry about it- LOL.  I am actually praying that being exposed to the "magic" of HP, will open his eyes to the realness of God.  He may see there is a distinct difference between who God is and who He isn't!

Noodle and I listened to The Chocolate Touch on CD.  I vaguely remember reading it as a child.  It is a simple and short book with a good lesson about greed.  I found some good links online with comprehension questions and activity ideas.  Now, if I were a good homeschool mom - this book would have been part of a whole unit on chocolate, which of course would be tied to a study of the rain forest.  Then we would make a different chocolate treat each day.  Sadly, I am just not that talented.  Nor do I have the time right now, and that makes me sad.  I am working on making better use of my time.  It's hard to want it all and not be able to have it all.  I dream of having a clean house, completed and creative lesson plans, and dinner on the table- ALL ON THE SAME DAY.  Wouldn't that be nice!

For the Chocolate Touch unit, we read the King Midas story and compared the two.  We discussed how different life was in 1952 when the book was written and we got a kick out of the different vocabulary.  They said tonic, we say vitamins.  They said Arithmetic, we say Math.  They say boiled candy, we say hard candy.  One thing I love about older books is there are no characters playing video games or using a cell phone!

Also, to go with The Chocolate Touch, we did a "Chocolate Rap" which was pretty funny!  We learned about how to read a nutritional label on a candy bar.  Next up, Noodle is going to write a letter to Hershey.

Noodle is learning to tie his shoes. 

I should have taught him before now, but because of his motor skills frustrations I just put it off.  It was thrust upon him at Cub Scouts this week and now he spends a lot of time practicing!  At Cub Scouts this week they also learned how to make a book cover and Nolan impressed the group with some Latin words he knows when they were discussing foreign languages.  Dear Hubs took him this week, so I missed all of it.

Redneck way to fix a leaky roof.
We had a monster storm last week.  When I woke up to make coffee I heard a dripping sound.  The roof in the school room was leaking - miraculously dripping right in to my garbage can!  Dear Husband, Bear and Bear's best friend K made it all better.  It rained again and there was no leaking so it is for sure is fixed! Yay!!  Now one day soon we will need to paint the ceiling in the schoolroom. I don't want to move anything out of this room. I am thinking I will just cover everything in plastic when the time comes.

We had a very productive week, although we still didn't do everything I had planned. I am beginning to realize (again) that my lesson plans may be a little the sense that I have too much planned for one week or one day.  We just don't have enough time to *do it all.*  I am going through a thought process of how I can restructure our schooling so that we can do a sufficient amount of science and history.  Right now for science we have been learning about plants, and honestly, it is boring me to tears.  I am mentally ready to start our Astronomy/Earth/Space study, but I need to get my planning together.

One thing I am considering is doing the Math and Language Arts M, W, F and then spending all days Tuesdays and Thursdays covering Science, History, Health, Latin, Art and Music.  Bible would continue everyday though- and speaking of Bible we are doing it first thing every morning lately. I am using a new program (one I am reviewing) and I love it! Bear even sits in on it.  Anyway, I am struggling in my mind with the idea to break up the week because the *right* way to do school is to do Math and Language Arts EVERY DAY - or so says my head.  But what if we did five days worth of stuff in three since that would be all we focused on, on those days??  How much fun could we have on the other two days with plenty of time for projects, experiments and fine arts?  I guess it is a no brainer and I just need to take the plunge. 

Bear of course would do his usual high school load.  I'd do more with him, but he isn't interested.  He has become a very good independent worker and I am SO PROUD of him for his work ethic.  This is the same kid who used to drive me crazy and the same kid I considered selling to gypsies or sending to public school years ago!  Aside from the heartbreaking fact he is not a believer at the moment, he works hard, desires to learn, takes initiative in  his learning and he has big career goals.  He is adventurous and I have no doubt that he will see the world. I am praying that God is doing a work in him and that all his talent and ambition will not be wasted on worldly endeavours.

Bear working on Art of Argument- an excellent intro logic program.

Noodle- writing his spelling words on the board.

Writing With Ease Dictation.

Abeka Math

CLE Language Arts

Labeling the parts of a leaf.

Next up at Winecup Christian Academy:
  • Ramona the Pest on CD
  • Beginning Apologia Astronomy and Real Science Odyssey Earth and Space
  • Veritas Press Self Paced History - to enhance Tapestry of Grace History



Natalie said...


I think your idea about breaking up the schedule is a great one! If it doesn't work, you could always switch back- I think you should go for it! I have a friend that takes the ideas even further and does one subject each day Monday through Thursday, leaving Friday for art, music, health, etc.

I also struggled with the HP series but let my oldest starts reading in 3rd grade and just made him read slowly. Eventually he lost interest and never finished, I'll probably do the same with my little one next year.

I can hear your Mama's heart for Bear. He sounds like a wonderful young man- keep praying and trust God to bring him into the fold!

Glad your schoolroom was spared too much damage!

My name is Tiffany said...

Great week! So glad to hear that your newly renovated classroom was not ruined by rain. I like the idea you are working through with your schedule. Currently we do Math, Reading, LA Mon-Thur and Science, Spanish, History 2 days a week and Art once a month. Perhaps if you get your new curriclum you can divide it up by the amount of lessons that need to be completed each week then it won't matter as much what days x,y,z is covered but as long as its completed within your school year. Hang in there with your son remember God has used you to plant the seed perhaps someone else will water it.

Nicole said...

You are way to hard on yourself. Do what works for you, reduces your stress, and makes your kids smile.


Stefanie said...

I feel you on the overwhelmed. I was so overwhelmed that I never had time to get my wrap-ups done. lol I did get in a couple of reviews so that's good.

Love your new schedule. I've thought of doing that but we use Sonlight and I cannot do all that reading in two days. LOL

How nice of the roof to leak into your trash can. =o) And yay for your handy fellas who could fix it.

I don't have problems with HP magic. It is obviously fantasy so I don't worry about that. I know that my daughter will not be able to perform a jelly legs jinx or fly on a broom because of reading it, so I'm good. lol

I tend to be more concerned about things more based in "reality" such at wicca et all. Anything like that is a big no-no.

Erika said...

I totally get the "too busy to read my own books" thing. I LOVE reading, but rarely seem to make the time to read my own books. I read 4 Berestain Bears books along with a few other things today. Does that count? ;)

Kympossible said...

No wonder you feel overwhelmed - what a busy week! Very convenient that the roof leak went into the trash can. Hope your retooled school schedule works out well for you.

Julieanne said...

Sounds like a busy yet fun week with your family!


Sonshine Classical Academy said...

I am personally against HP...for my the future. You know what's best for your kids and it appears that you seek God's counsel on such matters. You clearly have your children's best interest at heart. As far as feeling overwhelmed...I think that just comes with the territory of being a homeschooling mama. I just said a lil prayer for ya. I hope things settle down for you at least a little! Blessings.

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