Friday, February 24, 2012

Weekly Report 2/24- The One With a Great School Week

~What We Are Reading~
Me: Ben Franklin Autobiography (dry)
Bear: Re- reading The Order of the Phoenix
Noodle: Listening to Winnie the Pooh on Audio CD

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I am loving our new schedule and the freedom it is bringing!  Having more time to invest in subjects because I am breaking them off in to separate days, is really working for us!

1~ Noodle did several lessons in his Abeka Arithmetic 2 workbook. We take turns doing the writing so he doesn't burn out AND so it moves faster.  He also has been enjoying math drills with K5learning online. 

2~ We played a game of Money Bags, which we hadn't played in a while.  He is excellent at counting money.  He saves his real money, counts it and plans for buying things.  He may be an investment banker some day!  His skill level is above this game, but he enjoys it so we keep playing. I have it on my to do list to find a more advanced math game we can play.

3~ While listening to Winnie the Pooh on Audio CD this week, Noodle did some art. This is his version of Winnie the Pooh.  He's a litttttttle creepy with those teeth! Hahaha!

4~ Another Art project this week.  I told him to draw whatever he wanted, so he chose to do an underwater scene.  I am finding that having him draw during while listening to our audio books or our bible audio, ironically helps him listen better.  We will just keep doing this since I can kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

5~ For President's Day Noodle did a little writing assignment - "If I Were President."  I think I got the printable from Pinterest.  I learned some things about Noodle from this assignment - 1) We still have a long way to go on spelling, but he is only 8 so I am not too stressed at this point.  2) He doesn't understand being President isn't about what he wants and what people will do for him.  Ahem, much like our current and several other Presidents of late.

6~ We read a Johnny Appleseed story.  We are waiting for a specific copy of Johnny Appleseed from our library so that we can do the Tapestry of Grace Student Activity Sheet.  Then I plan on teaching Noodle to make an apple pie.  Hopefully all will go as planned!

7 and 8~ For Apologia Science this week we did one of the projects for Chapter 2 about the sun.  Noodle learned about a solar eclipse.  Yes, we are in the half bath because it has no windows.  Pardon our toilet. 

9~ Since we started Astronomy we started a new binder.  I just copied the cover of the text to keep it simple. 

10~ We started some lapbooking/notebooking activities for the binder.  The vocabulary tab books will hopefully help Noodle remember all the definitions.

Bear's Week

11~ This is Bear leading the Boys Scouts Court of Honor Ceremony, as outgoing Senior Patrol Leader.  His Scout Master had fun ribbing him, since he is teen of few words.  We all had some chuckles.

12~ This is Me and Bear exiting the stage after he was presented with his Life Rank Badge , and me with my pin for my parent ribbon.  Daddy let Noodle take the photo.

13~ Some Algebra Bear is working on.  It makes me dizzy.

14~ Bear has been reading and working through the SAT book and has started the first practice test.  We aren't working on timing yet, just getting a feel for questions.

On my agenda for Bear next week:

Begin Streams to the River, River to the Sea by Scott O'Dell
Write a response paper to a play we are seeing tonight- The Crucible put on by a local University.
Continue practicing and studying for the Biology AP test coming up in May.


Homegrown Learners said...

Mary ~ your new schedule is intriguing to me. We need to change something and this may be just the thing.

Do you ever rest?? Every single week you have is productive!!

Lisa said...

I would love to hear more about your schedule as well, especially since my oldest will be starting high school next year. You got so much done this week! Awesome job, mom! :-)

barefootinthepark said...

We would have to do astronomy in our half-bath, too!!

Erika said...

My oldest loves listening to audio books. I like the idea of drawing a picture while listening! I'll try that next time. Thanks! :)

Stefanie said...

I'm so happy that the new schedule is working for you.

And I'm sorry that the Ben Franklin auto biography is dry. My daughter read one a couple of years ago that she loved so much that she asked to write a report on it. LOL How often does that happen?

Discovering Montessori said...

You have a really nice blog here, so much inspiration!! Thank you for sharing.

Hodgepodgemom said...

Ah - a change up in schedule is often just the ticket. Especially in February - smack dab in the middle of winter. Congrats on a fabulous week!

Jennifer aGlimpseOfOurLife said...

Those are cool pictures of your eclipse activity.

Kelli said...

Glad your new schedule is working so well. Sounds like a great week!

Diane said...

Bear's algebra makes you dizzy? The sheer amount that you accomplish in a week makes ME dizzy! Wonderful week. Wonderful report! Thank you for sharing on NOBH!

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