Thursday, January 5, 2012

Resolutions or Goals?

Bear remarked to me the other day that new year resolutions were "stupid" because if you want to change something you should just do it right away.  I have to agree, except I would have used another adjective.

I have always set goals (well, not always, but since age 18).  At age 18 I began my career in direct sales with a company called House of Lloyd, which is now defunct. I represented their Decor and More line.  It was in that first training session that I heard of goal setting, and coincidentally, homeschooling.  The lady conducting the training taught about writing down goals and during her training she mentioned that she was homeschooling her two daughters.  She and I are still in touch to this day and her girls are successful and doing what they want to be doing in life. 

From House of Lloyd, to Avon, to Jewels by Park Lane and finally to Mary Kay I learned many valuable lessons about setting and achieving goals.  Everything I know about organizing, scheduling and leadership - I learned from my affiliation with those companies.  Today I am still a representative for Mary Kay, just very part time and mostly for my personal use of the products, which in my not so humble opinion are the best on the market! (Seriously, Timewise Microdermabrasion, check it out!) Mary Kay was by far my most successful and longest run.  I earned 4 cars, countless pieces of jewelry and other fabulous prizes.  I got to wear beautiful clothing, traveled and have made lifetime girlfriends.  I learned from some of the smartest, christian women out there in the business world.

When life circumstances changed and I found myself homeschooling my boys, something had to give, and it was my business.  My first year homeschooling was SO HARD. I wondered many times, "Why am I doing this?"  Only to have God remind me why.  Basically, I was a mess and was in unfamiliar territory, so I thought. 

In my second year of homeschooling I realized that I could apply what I learned in my career, to my homeschool.  I didn't have to copy public school. I didn't have to be "dictator teacher" I could lead my students to knowledge.  My goal was to have children who love learning. Much like I used to dangle carrots in front of my sales force, I started dangling a love of learning in front of my students.  I model being enthusiastic about learning and we discuss life goals.  Sometimes I wonder if I am getting through, but then God shows me my son persevering through a subject he has detested all of his life.  I see him determined to learn.  I feel good about where we are at with school.  My goal for school continues to be to have children who love learning.

This year I do want to make some changes around here.  I didn't reach all of my goals last year, so some of them are carrying over to this year, and I have a set of new goals.  My boys are working on their goals for this year too, which I will share in another post coming soon.  For now, here are my goals for the Calendar year 2012:
  • Lose 50 pounds.
  • Exercise faithfully 3-4 times a week.
  • Organize each room of the house, one by one. Coincidentally, including the garage there are 12 rooms to organize.  One for each month of the year.  However, I am hoping to finish before the end of the year!
  • Implement a menu planner to plan family meals and help with the grocery budget.
  • Continue my college education.
  • Take the "American History Road Trip" in June with Bear, Noodle and my mother.  I plan to blog it along the way!
  •  Paint the Master Bedroom and Master Bath.
  •  Rip out Master Bedroom carpet and stain the concrete.
  • Read 52 books
Hopefully at the close of 2012 I can have all of these crossed off!  How about you?  Do you do resolutions in January, or are you a goal setter all year long?


melismama said...

Mary, what great goals for 2012...i am right along your side with the weight loss. I have 30 lbs more to go!

Oh I can't wait to read about the American History Road Trip!

Peace to your year and cheers to you crossing all your goals off this year!

Erika said...

I LOVE Mary Kay too! I sold it for a couple years, but never really did anything with my business. My mom does pretty well with hers though. (I'm just glad I still get the 50% discount!) And you're right, microdermabrasion is the BEST! :)

Great goals. I should make a list of mine as well.

Kympossible said...

Great goals! And I agree that setting goals is more useful than making resolutions. I'm still working out my personal goals for 2012, but my hubby and I got together and set some family/household goals. I also like to set shorter term goals so it's easier to see if I'm making progress and re-evaluate.

Happy New Year!

Giggly Girls said...

Wonderful goals!! Many of them are on my list.

Missouri Mama said...

I'm with you on the Menu Planning--that's one of my goals too. The cooking isn't nearly so exhausting as figuring out what to have every afternoon at 4:30.

Laura Pakes said...

I've found goal setting a sure way to achieving and I try to help my friends set goals when they're feeling down. I'm a definite convert to the idea of "do it now". Good luck achieving your 2012 goals.

Diane said...

Wonderful goals! I can identify with every one. We did the carpet-tearing one already, but the others are all on my list as well. Good luck to us! And thank you for linking up on NOBH!

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