Thursday, August 11, 2011

Apologia and Miller Levine Biology Lesson Plans

Since my Bear is a future science major, Zoology to be precise, he spends quite a bit of time studying science.  He will be taking the Biology AP Test in May of 2012, so to prepare for that he will be doing a quite rigorous Biology course.  The course is covering the complete Apologia Biology text and quite a bit of the Miller/Levine Text.  Apologia takes the creation/young earth viewpoint and Miller/Levine is evolutionary/old earth.  We are doing both because I want my son to come to his own conclusions AND clearly the AP Biology test won't be creation/young earth focused. 


Apologia Biology 2nd Edition Student Text and Test/Solutions book
Miller/Levine Biology Copyright 2004 ISBN # 0-13-037601-x
Miller/Levine Guided Reading and Study Workbook ISBN # 0-13-115286-6
Miller/Levine Annotated Teacher's Edition for Guided Reading and Study Workbook ISBN # 0-13-115297-1
Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences by Victoria E. McMillan
Barron's AP Biology
Dissection Kit from Home Science Tools

I did not include the reading assignments from the Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences book.  I am doing separate lesson plans for the research paper assignments and that book is included there.  I have not completed those plans yet.  Also, I did not include the AP Test Practice assignments.  Additionally, I have not included any of the additional reading he will do for the books I listed here.  I know it looks like a lot, and it is, but Bear is a voracious reader and devours most things science related.  The additional reading will mostly be his choice and on his time frame, they are not requirements.

My son will spend an hour to an hour and a half per day on Biology.  With AP test practicing and writing one research paper a semester, it could work out to a little longer.  This will be our first foray in to AP testing so I honestly don't know what to expect. I may discover we are a little overkill or it may turn out to be just what Bear needed.  The AP Test score will the proof in the pudding I suppose.

You can download the Lesson Plans that I uploaded to  I have the course planned out to be completed in 154 school days.  Some days there are two assignments to tackle and other days there are three and four.  They are in sequential order 1- 154 and the assignments are in sequential order within the 1- 154 order.  I used Homeschool Tracker to create these plans.  You may share them as long as you link back here to my blog when you are directing people to the lesson plans.


Nicole said...

WOW! He must be one smart cookie! Thank you for the link to hslaunch. I am going to be working on putting together my lesson plans from America: The Story of Us, and needed somewhere to post them. I think I'll use that!

Melissa said...

This is amazing! I have a son that wants to be a vet so we are going to focus on a lot of heavy science for him. Thank you so much for posting this. You inspired me to try Homeschool tracker and I love it, it has revolutionized our homeschool.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'll have to book mark this for then the boys are a little bit older. They love science, and inhale their courses. Thank you for sharing your plans. I love that homeschool families are so willing to share!

Beth said...

My son is younger but we're looking forward to studying Apologia's Land Animal of the Sixth Day this year. I love how you included the ISBN numbers to make finding my own copies easier.

Loretta said...

I taught Apologia Biology to a group of five boys last year, and used a lot of web resources posted by classroom teachers whose base text was the Miller/Levine Biology. It is apparently quite a popular text.

Robin said...

That is great that he has such a passion for science. You must have been one heck of a teacher! :) Like we discussed before, it pays NOT to take the easy road. Congrats to Bear!

Mary said...

Robin, I wish I could take the credit for his passion for science. I have a passion for literature and science - and despite my best efforts he is a science guy. He prefers reading non-fiction. About the only thing I can claim a little credit for is his vocabulary and passion for learning!

Karyn Green said...

Mary, I cannot access the lesson plans . Any ideas ? Thanks!

Karyn Green said...

Mary, are the lesson plans still available? I cannot access them. Any ideas? Thanks!

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