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Our 2011-2012 Tentative Curriculum List


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It's that time!  I have been researching and making revisions and decisions since January of this year.  I still reserve the right to change/add/delete!  Basically, I am really happy with our choices for the 2010-2011 school year and will be sticking with all of them.  I am reserving the right to modify/delete any of these choices.  By the way this is a fairly comprehensive list and we by no means tackle all of these things in a day or even a week.  We school year round and essentially have 52 flexible weeks to complete 36 weeks of lesson plans.

Noodle 2nd Grade

Language Arts
History and Geography
Yes, I plan on combining all three of these curriculums, picking and choosing from each.  We will definitely do all the reading from each one, but the projects and experiments will be chosen depending on which ones I find most appealing.  I love all three of these and was unwilling to make a choice between them.  It may seem like overkill, but science is beloved in this house by my boys so it should be OK.  Time will tell!

Fine Arts

Miscellaneous Resources we may pull out from time to time, to add to or enhance what we are doing:
Bear 10th Grade

English 10
*Bear is going to be a science major (Zoology) possibly with a minor in Marine Biology and he needs to be well versed and well prepared for the evolutionary teaching he is going to encounter in college.  I am decidedly creationist and a "middle age" earther- meaning I don't believe it is less than 10,000 years old, but I don't believe in millions or billions either.  I am not opposed to God being the one that set evolution in place, but I don't necessarily buy macro-evolution or evolution from a single source of soupy sludge either.  Bear has already read many, many books on the matter and unless he isn't sharing his whole truth with me, he remains undecided.  He is at a crossroads with his faith and working through reconciling what he believes and what science believes.  I don't want to force my beliefs on him, so I allow him to investigate and learn and I pray for him.

History and Geography
Foreign Language
  • Russian- Russian Step by Step as an intro.  Jr and Sr Year he will be taking Russian as a dual enrollment student at our local community college.  I will be taking the class too!
Texas History
  • The Texas God Made - 1 semester course
Fine Arts
  • Listening to Music - Free online class on the Yale website - 1 semester course
  • Tapestry of Grace
  • SAT Practice Question of the Day
  • SAT Practice Book
  • Merit Badge Work and Eagle Project for Boy Scouts
  • Daily Work Out/Exercise
For those interested in High School Information, I will be posting our 10th Grade course descriptions soon.

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musicalmary said...

First, I am struck by how much work went into all of this planning! I love your mix of different curricula. I have been hearing so much about Tapestry of Grace and need to investigate it some more!

Looks like a great year for your crew. :-) said...

Wow Mary... that is quite a run down. Looks like you have a great year planned. I have heard a lot about TOG, but never used it. May be something for me to look into.

Lynda said...

Thank you for sharing your curriculum choices. I am always interested in what others find useful in their homeschool. Thank you for joining us again at NOBH. Have a great weekend.

Simply Taunya said...

Love your mix of planning. I have never heard of Tapestry of Grace before planning this year and I think I like it :)

Joyce said...

Followed you here from NOBH I was grabbed by your title. This will be our first year with a high schooler, so I really indulged in your list for 10th grade. We will be using Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1 and I love the idea of using the other math books for review, thanks for sharing.

Peace, <><

Very Blessed Mamma said...

My son is using A Beka for math,a dn my daughter is going to be using TT too!

Thanks for linking up with me. I love seeing what others are using in their homeschools! lol

MissMOE said...

Wow! What a list! Thanks for listing all the games--found some new ones.

~Heather said...

Wow! I am blown away at all of the parents using Tapestry of Grace! I have a friend who uses it, but didn't realize it was so popular!

Very Blessed Mamma said...

Oh, I am now following you too!

Christa said...

Looks like a fun and busy year!!

Our Peculiar Lives said...

Wow, great lists! I've been debating about the Apologia vs Aig. . . can't decide! I need to slowly start picking up some GOOD science books as reference books for my kids. . .
(visiting from the link up at Training Children up for Christ)
Have a great year!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

Thanks for sharing your lists. You have some great ideas, and I love that you included the fun and games that you have lined up, too. Thank you for sharing about Bear and his plans for his future. I'll say a prayer for him, too.

swt_angel_79 said...

I love love your list! So detailed! I have never thought about adding in games, etc in crriculum planning! Such a great idea!

Lisa said...

What a great list. I love reading what other families are using for school (I usually end up finding items to add to my wish list).

Our Side of the Mountain said...

I had to check out The Science Chef since I have 2 budding cooks! Looks very neat! Stopping by to wish you and your family a great year from Weekly Wrap-up!

bayoujac said...

You make me wanna tweak my list... again!
Great job!

Amy said...

I love looking at your list! Thanks for sharing :-)

Michelle said...

I love TOG. I just had trouble doing it with multiple ages. I like teaching all kids the same thing with the same books.

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