Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weight Loss & Recipe Exchange #1

In April of 2010 I started counting calories.  In June I started exercising.  By November I lost 44 pounds.  Since November, nothing.  I started out November frustrated but stuck to it.  In December I sort of gave up and now I have gained 4 pounds back. I haven't exercised since December, except for some bike riding, but it hasn't been consistent.  I want/need to lose about 60-65 more pounds. I am currently at 218 wearing a size 16 pants and a 16-18 in tops because my *books * are so large.  It sucks. 

I am stuck and I have slipped into my old eating habits.  I want to stop it NOW.  On March 1st I will be rejoining the fitness class I used to attend.  Starting TODAY I am going back to counting calories and making better food choices.  No need to wait for Monday.

I also need to say, I am Type 2 Diabetic and losing the weight I have lost so far brought my blood sugars down a lot.  My goal in the additional weight I want to lose, is to control the Diabetes without meds. Currently I take Metformin.  Also, I have high blood pressure that needs to come down.  It isn't just that I want to look good, I want to feel good.  I did feel really good for a while, but since December I have felt crappy and am feeling crappier by the day.  I don't want to go there. 

Now for the button at the beginning of this post.  The gal at Remodelaholic needs to lose 45 pounds and is starting a recipe exchange at her blog, on Sundays.  This is my first entry and I will be doing an update and new recipe every Sunday.  Feel free to join by grabbing the button over at Remodelaholic!

Pita Pizza

1 half of a pita pocket (cut it apart into two round pieces, not down the middle)
2 Tablespoons of tomato sauce
2 slices of Mozzarella Cheese
1/4 cup of sliced mushrooms (I use the canned kind)
diced onion (as much as you can stand  - hardly any calories and it is a super food!)
Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes or until the cheese is as melted as you want

You could also throw on tomatoes, bell pepper or any other little to no calorie veggies to bulk it up.  One mini pizza is approx 180 calories.

OK- now for show and tell.  The moment of truth.  My pictures.

Here is my before in April of 2010 at 258 pounds.

Here is my current at 218

My goal weight, for now, is 155 - 160.  Then I will reevaluate and see about going to 145-150, but the thought is daunting.  So, for now I am on "Phase 2" and I can't think about "Phase 3" until I complete Phase 2.

Well, there it is.  If you struggle with weight or food, feel free to leave comments and check in each week.  None of us can do it alone.  If you make the Pita Pizza, let me know what you think.


TerriW said...

I started at 205 and my hitting bottom moment was when I bent over to pick something up and my pants ripped. In front of my family and extended family. Nothing like a good bit of humiliation to light a fire under you, huh?

I started using Jonathan Roche's exercise routines (heard about him through flylady) and that got me up and moving in a sustainable way. Over the next year and a half, I slowly lost 22 lbs, but I'd bounce around up and down so much.

Finally, at Christmas this year I got even *more* serious and signed up for Weight Watchers online -- my Achilles Heel was eating. I could get myself to exercise, but I'd just eat more because I'd be more hungry because of the exercise. WW helped me because:

1) it's forcing me to write down everything I eat, which I think is the real key for me -- I tend to too easily "forget" what I've eaten in a day.

2) the point system creates incentives to help slowly reshape what you're eating. Fruits and veggies have no points? Look at that, I'm eating more of them. Pepperoni on a slice of pizza causes the points to skyrocket? OK, I'll have just cheese.

I'm down 11 more lbs since Christmas to 172 -- back to my "post-first child" weight. And I'm down *every* week instead of my previous never knowing if I was going to be down or up for the week. 165 is the lowest I've been in "adult memory" and honestly I don't know what I'll do once I hit that. Here's hoping I don't hit a plateau before then so I can find out!

Anywhoo, enough about me. Thanks for the link -- lately I've been cooking for my husband and kids and eating something separate for myself because they're all tall and thin ... and I'm not. And they don't want to eat how I'm eating right now. I'd love to find some recipes that can be adapted for everyone to eat the same -- or at least sort of the same -- thing.

melismama said...

Good for you Mary losing all you have so far. I just (10 mins ago) joined Weight Watchers On Line. I bought a scale today for the 1st time in 10 years YUK! I am determined to get back to my goal weight of 165 (i am 5'11") and have about 50 pounds to lose. I will have to check out that site on the recipe exchange, i can use it! You go girl....keep up the faith!

Kelli said...

I think once you get out of the exercise routine it's so hard to get re-started. At least it is for me. I know you mentioned you're going to start your fitness class in March. Until then maybe you could start walking. It might give you a little jump start before your classes begin. I just started walking for 30 minutes every day this past week and it has definitely made me feel more energized.

You've worked really hard to get where you are today. Remind yourself how far you've come as you're reaching for the next level. You have a lot to be proud of :)

Mary said...

Thanks Kelli. I actually do ride my bike, but I always feel like it isn't really exercise! It must be the feeling of freedom when the wind is blowing my hair and the exhilaration of coasting down a hill! LOL I rode almost 4 miles yesterday :)

Lindsey V said...

Two Thumbs Up and a Big Hug for your current weight loss achievement. Here is a blog that may be encouraging to you in your current phase. Sending LOTS of encouragement your way as you moved toward an even healthier you!

Joining you from NOBH!

Tracy said...

Keep up the great work! You look fabulous! The recipe looks delicious! Thanks for sharing this post on NOBH!

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