Monday, October 4, 2010

Weekly Report 9/27-10/1

Oh Happy Fall!!!  We have had our windows open all week long here at Winecup Christian Academy - aka HOME.  I love the weather we have been having.  The high last week was 86 and the low 58 - Praise the Lord! 

OK, OK, enough about the weather. Here's what we did last week.


History- We started TOG Week 22 - nothing really eventful yet.

English- Continued with Wordly Wise, Rod & Staff Grammar and Spelling Power.  At this point we get to spelling once a week.  At that rate we'll still be doing it Senior Year!  For Grammar we are doing lots of review and are only about 12 lessons in with the R&S book.

Science- He is working on Module 3.  He did an experiment about air pressure.  Noodle watched and was really tickled by the can crushing itself.

Algebra- Plugging along.  Math Study Hall at co-op is very helpful for him.  He understands better hearing it from someone other than me. 

Health- Took the Chapter 1 Test.  83%

Philosophy- TOG's Pageant of Philosophy this time was Rene Descartes.  It inspired a great discussion about how our life and everything we see and experience "could" be all a figment of our imagination and that our mind is really the only thing that may exist besides God.  I love the conversations that ensue from using this curriculum.


Noodle and I continue using OPGTR and it is getting a little tougher for him.  We not only do review, we also sometimes repeat a lesson in full.  I am very pleased with where he is at with his reading skills.  He reads the Bob Books to me sometimes.  Also, this week we started listening to Mr. Popper's Penguins book on CD,  I love listening to books.  Our Explode the Code Book 2 arrived so Noodle is a little more motivated to finish Book 1.

For Science we learned about how the fur on a Polar Bear's feet helps to protect them on slippery ice.  Noodle loves doing experiments and had great fun with this one.

Today we begin our new week, but we will be doing half days because we are decluttering and organizing closets and bedrooms.  Also, we will be cleaning out the garage  - all in our quest for getting rid of "stuff" at a Garage Sale this coming Saturday.  We had one this weekend too, but I didn't have many things out for sale. Wish us luck!

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