Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What We Have Been Doing

I don't really have a week in review. We have been doing reviews and wrapping up things we have been working on for a while.

Noodle has finished the African Savannah Unit and the lapbook we put together. We used a hodge podge of sources from to   I AM SO THANKFUL FOR all the free resources out there for homeschoolers!! This lapbook was not well planned or organized and is what I would call a trial run. I am in the process of getting more organized with the upcoming lapbooks. I have pre-printed them out and I am storing them in a binder for easy use and access. We are currently working on a Volcano lapbook from and a Rainforest Lapbook using various sources. Here's some photos of the African Savannah Lapbook:

Two days ago Noodle watched an episode of "Sid the Science Kid" and they had "Bug Club." So, I went to the website and wen to the Sid section and printed out the Bug Club worksheet. We headed out to our garden with some magnifying glasses and found some bugs!! He had so much fun. The batteries on my camera died so we didn't get any pictures of the bugs, but we did get this shot:

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Five Senses Lapbook

We didn't do this recently, but I wanted to start a section on the blog about Lapbooking because we plan to do more of it. We actually made this in May of this year. We used resources from as well as some clipart from a Teacher Created Resource book I already had. The book The Poky Little Puppy is what we read to get us started.

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