Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Welcome to Winecup Christian Academy - the homeschool for boys. Hehe, my boys that is. I am Mom and DH is Dad. The boys are SuperDuper (18), Bear (13) and Noodle (5). My vision for this blog is for it to be a place where I can record our school activities and share what works for us.

This is the time of the year where I always get excited about curriculum for the new school year. We school year round and will complete most of our current curriculum in July. My plan is to start the new curriculum after a short 2 week break.

I have already ordered quite a bit, but I have just a few more things to get. Here is what we will use next:

Noodle's Curriculum
Science Animals and Their Worlds - Winter Promise
Math- Math U See Primer (already using and will just continue)
History- will tag along with big brother's Middle Ages study
Reason for Handwriting K
Sonlight K Language Arts Sounds, Letters and Easy Words
Also continuing with the Ready, Set Go Code books.

Bear's CurriculumHistory- Quest for the Middle Ages Winter Promise
Science- Apologia General Science w/companion CD
Sonlight Alt 7 Language Arts w/ Wordly Wise and Keys to Good Language
Jump Into Writing- Apologia
Spelling Power (continuing)
Teaching Textbooks Math 7 (continuing)
Composer study- from
Artist study - from

So, there is the lineup! I can't wait to begin the Winter Promise curriculum. We are finishing up My Father's World Kindergarten and Sonlight Core 5 Eastern Hemisphere which have both been awesome. SuperDuper graduated in May so I have no curriculum for him. He is now working fulltime and will possibly attend community college in the fall.

I personally am a book junkie. I love to read and I love to buy books. I also love to research curriculum. My mother is also and avid reader and together we run a online bookstore called "The Homeschoolers Hangout." We once had a retail location, but for various reasons it was best to close it and go online only. If you want to check out our store goto

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